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The beauty of Dahlak Islands

There are around 350 islands in Eritrea, and 200 of them belong to the Dahlak Islands, scattered like a pearl necklace on the vast blue waters of the Red Sea, and are still one of the last unspoiled destinations on Earth. The influence of the Red Sea on the history and development of Eritrea is significant. The name Eritrea comes from the ancient Greek word “red,” named after the waters of the “Eritrean Sea.”

Eritrea Dahlak Islands

The Red Sea provides Eritreans with a crucial maritime connection with the outside world and a pleasant holiday destination for Eritreans and tourists from other countries.

A diving paradise, a water wonderland, Beautiful corals, Eritrean Islands Since the ancient Egyptians invaded Dahlak, the pearl fishing industry in Dahlak has flourished. Dahlak Kebir, the largest island (approximately 60 kilometers wide), was the main Pearl fishing in the southern Red Sea; it controlled the Ottoman Empire.
There is a cemetery with Kufic inscriptions and old water tanks. It shows how the residents of Dahlak solved the problem of drinking water by carving large cisterns in the rock.

Around 1000 species of fish and 150 coral species are available in the Red Sea, and 15% of these fish species can not be found elsewhere. Only Available in the Red sea.

Dahlak Kebir

The largest island, Dahlak Kebir, is 58 kilometers away from Massawa, with an area of about 643 km² and a population of about 1,500 people. It is the main Pearl fishing in the southern Red Sea and is officially used as a military base. Dahlak Kebir offers the opportunity to visit the fishing village of Afar and ancient Turkish and Islamic sites. Hundreds of years of history in Arabic inscriptions, huge water tanks, and 360 wells are important historical sites and testify to the high historical development of Dahlak Kebir.

When to visit the Dahlak Islands

Scuba diving in Dahlak Islands can be done all year long; however, the summers can be sweltering, so you should stay clear of those months between July and August. The manta ray season runs from March to June, which is also the most suitable time to visit Eritrea since the temperatures are comfortable but not excessive. Eritrea is heavily influenced by the southwest monsoon from June to September, accompanied by a few drops of rain. However, the weather tends to be sunnier along the coast.

Sea Excursion At The Dahlak Islands

Water Temperature in Eritrea Dahlak archipelago

When it is lowest, the water temperature in Eritrea doesn’t drop below 20deg C/68degF. The coldest month is February, and at its highest temperature, the water temperature is the 29deg mark, 84degF.

Divers Types

Scuba diving is among the most popular sports for travelers as well as fans of outdoor sports. It is not like free diving or snorkeling. Scuba diving utilizes breathing equipment filled with compressed air, and divers themselves carry that. To allow them to dive into greater depths for longer durations of time. Whether your aim in diving is to explore marine life, to dive further than would otherwise be feasible. Or to discover the ocean without worrying about breath-holding. We’ll show you the various divers that are suitable for you.

    • Reef diving
    • Drift diving
    • Wreck diving
    • Dive wall

Dahlak Islands Diving Highlights

diving in Dahlak Islands 2

Dissie Island: Viewed as the most beautiful island within the Dahlak archipelago, It has a wide variety of soft and hard corals, as well as a large variety of fish. It is about 20m (66 feet) deep on average. (View map)

Dur Gaam is a tiny island with good coral and good currents that attract larger species, like manta rays, sharks, and blue-spotted Rays. (View map)

Dahlak Channe – One of Eritrea’s most extended diving spots, the Channel has many species of manta rays and sharks and provides excellent drift diving possibilities. (View map)

Dahlak Kebir The waters surrounding the archipelago’s biggest island are the burial grounds of numerous wrecks, including one Ethiopian shipping vessel for cargo, Russian tanks, and British and Italian vessels. (View map)

Dohul – It’s an island that is small and has good coral in the southern part. However, what it’s most known for is the reported glimpses of dugong. (View map)

Green Island – is the most accessible (and inexpensive) island within the Dahlak archipelago. However, it isn’t the most excellent diving. However, it is recognized as a top snorkeling spot. (View map)

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