The ancient port city of Adulis

The Ancient Port of Adulis

The Ancient Port of Adulis

The ancient port city is known as the framework of the 1st century AD civilization of Adulo-Aksumite. On your travel to Eritrea, you will hear that this city has another name, ‘Azuli.’ Some individuals may acknowledge that the port of Eritrea is renowned as “Azuli.” This word means “white sands,” which narrates the white Adulis sands. The other people will let you know that this name originated from the cruiser, “Azuli,” it was the earliest to set boat from the port.

It was considered the best route for traders and sailors to go to India for trading in the olden days. Nowadays, a lot of authors call this place “Empty Kingdom,” in its ancient great days, it was a port city full of business and trade actions. It is uncertain what resulted in decreasing the importance of the port after the 7th century; Historians hesitate that it may be because of the Arabs’ attacks. The possible cause is that the old dock may have been blocked with slit by that period.

Adulis was a centre of trade exchange with different parts of the world. Thus, we have ample evidence from past excavations, explorers, and recent archaeological research on the Red Sea Coast and Adulis.

Location of the Ancient Port of Adulis

Adulis is, also known as Adulis, present in Eritrea, an ancient port and historical site. This city is located on the seashore of the Red Sea, and it has the best archaeological significance. It has become a point of attraction for archaeologists around the globe.
On the northern shore of the Red Sea, Adulis is present. Because of its geographical site, when the Aksum Kingdom was in rule, Adulis was renowned as the central port city. At that time, it was among the leading trade hubs worldwide.

Attractions of Adulis

The famous attraction of tourists on Eritrea travel is the Adulis ruins; it has been a top place for excavation. The Adulis excavations uncovered a lot of artefacts that related the preceding Adulis to Greece, Egypt, and Rome empires. In ruins, the tourists will see several palaces, a large church, and a trio of temples, set up in 1868 when the Napier Expedition was there for excavation.

Some other old remains you will see are the massive pillars that recommend the presence of large buildings like temples and churches. A lot of people come to see the Adulis ruins every year, and you can say that the old port of Eritrea shows a vital part in advancing tourism in Eritrea. Moreover, you can also visit Zula, close to Adulis city.

The ancient port of Adulis is the best site for every history lover who will plan their travel to Eritrea!


You can easily reach Adulis from Massawa city, having a distance of 65 km between both. Any individual can go to Massawa from the Eritrea capital, Asmara, by road, and Massawa town is almost 115 km away from Asmara. The tourists prefer going to this place by minibus, private car, or
The easiest and best way is to contact the tour operator company in the country so you can get help getting your Adulis travel permit in Massawa before you go to Adulis. It will be necessary to obtain a permit before departure.

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