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We know our stuff. Our staff are passionate about Africa and we believe in excellent service. Planning your adventure is part of the fun and we aim to make it exciting and enjoyable. The best way to do this is to have knowledgeable staff on hand. If you need advice – send us an email.

Our Tours offer exceptional value for money, we have been around long enough to have pre-negotiated the best rates on our products. If you are looking for a deal, please check out our specials.

We realize planning a tour in Africa can sometimes be daunting. We offer a safe and secure online booking procedure. Deposits can be paid via Pay pal or credit card (Visa or MasterCard ). If you are booking far in advance we can offer flexible payment terms to suit your needs.

Special Services

When tourists are traveling outside of Asmara they will need to obtain a Travel Permit. The issuing of such travel permit is handled by Adulis travel aget.

Adulis Travel can also arrange visa on arrival for those tourists where there is no Eritrean Embassy in their respective countries. In the event they are traveling and would be short of time to approach the respective Eritrean Embassy we can also arrange visa on arrival.

Requirment for visa on arrival is your copy of passport and fee for the visa.

Eritrean Embassies & Consulates

Visa Application & Requirements. Your passport (with validity of at least six months) Two passport size photographs (35 X 45) One carefully completed visa application form. This is a list of diplomatic missions of Eritrea different part of the World. For more information please Contact Eritrean Embassy in your respective country.

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