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Destinazioni principali

Siamo lieti di offrirvi un’ampia gamma di tour in Eritrea, Somalia e Gibuti. Qualunque siano i tuoi interessi, se la conservazione, culturale, o semplicemente con i tuoi cari, Trova il metodo di viaggio in Eritrea che è una partita per voi e lasciare che i nostri esperti lavorare fuori gli aspetti intricati per progettare il viaggio più memorabile della tua vita.

Combinate il vostro viaggio con un'indimenticabile avventura in treno a vapore in Eritrea. Partecipate a un tour in locomotiva d'epoca, acclamato come una delle migliori attività della regione. Questo viaggio straordinario offre l'opportunità esclusiva di tornare indietro nel tempo e di abbandonarsi al fascino di un'autentica esperienza in treno a vapore.

Tour popolari di Eritrea

Vacanze e festività in Eritrea

Ecco alcune delle più importanti vacanze e festival dell’Eritrea, dei tour appositamente studiati e delle esperienze di lusso che abbiamo progettato per i nostri clienti, per darvi un’idea di ciò che è possibile fare quando si utilizza la nostra esperienza. Visitate l’Eritrea con il tour operator numero uno del Paese.

cycling adventure tour of Eritrea

Esplora l’Eritrea 3 città principali

4 giorni / 3 notti

Departure: Every Friday
The price is calculated for 2 participants

Da$1,250 / Person
Somaliland tour

Scoprire l’Africa orientale: Tour Eritrea, Gibuti e Somaliland

6 notti , 7 giorni

Djibouti, Somaliland & Eritrea
The price is calculated for 2 people

Da$2,100 / Person

Tour multinazionali

Sperimentate viaggi personalizzati con i nostri tour su misura che abbracciano vari Paesi del Corno d’Africa. I nostri pacchetti comprendono destinazioni eccezionali, tra cui Eritrea, Gibuti, Somalia e Somaliland, offrendo itinerari efficienti e accordi economici. Garantire prezzi competitivi è la nostra massima priorità, per offrirvi un valore senza pari nell’esplorazione di questa regione così varia e affascinante.

cycling adventure tour of Eritrea

Esplora l’Eritrea 3 città principali

4 giorni / 3 notti

Departure: Every Friday
The price is calculated for 2 participants

Da$1,250 / Person
Somaliland tour

Scoprire l’Africa orientale: Tour Eritrea, Gibuti e Somaliland

6 notti , 7 giorni

Djibouti, Somaliland & Eritrea
The price is calculated for 2 people

Da$2,100 / Person
Horn of Africa

Esplorate le meraviglie del Corno d’Africa con Adulis Travel

6 notti, 7 giorni

Djibouti, Mogadishu & Somaliland
The price is calculated for 2 people

Da$1,850 / Person

Immersioni nell'arcipelago delle Dahlak!

Volete immergervi nelle Isole Dahlak?
Per maggiori informazioni, contattateci.

Il meglio del turismo in Eritrea

L’Eritrea è un Paese del Corno d’Africa con capitale Asmara. Confina con l’Etiopia a sud, il Sudan a ovest, Gibuti a sud-est e il Sudan a ovest.

Il Mar Rosso si estende lungo la costa dell’Eritrea nelle regioni nord-orientali e orientali. La nazione copre circa 117.600 Chilometro quadrato in totale. Comprende l’arcipelago delle Dahlak.

Febbraio 26, 2024

Intense and pleasant experience in Eritrea

I contacted the agency by filling the form on the website of Adulistravel and got in short time e-mail contact to Mr. Yonatan Weldey. A 3-days-tour consisting of the visit of Asmara, trip to Massawa and the next day back has been arranged between him and me in short time. He arranged that I could get the visa on arrival and when arriving there, the guide and driver Robel fetched me at the airport. He was punctually, showed me many things of Asmara and Massawa which I certainly wouldn't have seen without him. He knew a lot of the country, towns and people.
He's very friendly and a good and save driver.
In addition I'd a walk through Asmara on a Sunday with another guide called Aklilu who showed me many nostalgic places which were really worth to see. Mr. Aklikus is very friendly too and arranged the entrances to the most interesting locations. I could even visit two marriages to which everyone was invited.
Finally I have to mention that the Eritean people is very polite and friendly and not shy when you want to take pictures once you ask them. I never felt unsafe during my visit.
Unfortunately there were actually no trips with a steam locomotive.
All in all it was a very pleasant and interresting voyage and I can really recommand Adulistravel.

Jared C
Febbraio 23, 2024

A great travel agency to help you see a relatively unexplored country

I booked a 3 day tour with Adulis Travel and everything was wonderful. Communication was easy from start to finish. They took care of everything including arranging the visa on arrival and travel outside Asmara. My guide, Robel, was very knowledgeable about the sites we visited and he was always very friendly and attentive with my requests. If you are going to visit Eritrea (which I highly recommend) , then you should definitely go with Adulis Travel.

Mar D
Febbraio 13, 2024

Best travel agents ever !!! Tour run to perfection, including restaurants, best located hotels, and never any pressure

Report on Eritrea – Dec23-Jan24 – 9 days/8 nights
The solo tour was prepared together with Adulis Travel (thank you so much for the recommendation!). Yonathan is the person to get in touch with. He is ammmmmmmazing. Responsive, fast, listening, preparing a tour according to the wishes of the traveller, flexible, professional, and more. 10/10 to Yonathan! Thanks to him I (he) obtained my visa in about a week – no scary stories here, just swift, and easy. Even when last minute I asked him if he could accommodate a second passenger, the second visa was also obtained in less than a week, and just about to be boarding the plane. Yonathan remained flexible at all times, accommodating every whim of mine, and also when a second passenger came along. While penciling out the tour he found options that suited my budget. Once the second passenger came in, my other wish options got immediately back on the burner and the prices were adjusted accordingly. I have to say 10/10 to the service.
I visited Asmara, Keren, Massawa, Qohaito. 4x4 was provided with a driver continuously assigned to us. Very friendly chap that also did his best to accommodate our wishes. All the tours and extras were included as promised. I had the most fantastic trip and truly recommend to all to visit this beautiful country. Food was lovely (lots of pasta, pizza, and meat, and some fish while in Massawa). Coffee was second to none to Italy. Safest country and cities to wander. Combination of Italy, Middle East, and Ancient times. Loved visiting the first mosque ever in Massawa (facing Jerusalem), seeing the rock art in Qohaito, meddling with camels, goats, cows in Keren, swimming in the warm waters of the red sea, and walking about in the wonderful Asmara. While in Asmara, do not forget the Medebar Market, where metal workshops play the sounds of music, the Tank Graveyard, where relics from past wars show scars, and the Grain and vegetable market, with the smallest pop corn in the world. Art deco? Everywhere !!!
Yes, hotels were outdated but which are not after the ravages of Covid and more. Service was slow but who cares when time stops to live the present moment as Wi-Fi is almost non-existent. Most tourists I met were Italian and the markets where real, as only locals would shop on them. I encourage all to visit this country as it remains authentic.

And. S.
Febbraio 9, 2024

Fratello e sorrella in Eritrea

My sister and I spend 9 nights in Eritrea. Robel took care of us as I professional guide and what I considered a friend. We saw all that that could be seen and inhaled the history, athmosphere, peacefulness, and love that radiated from Eritrea's beautiful people. Grazie Adulis. You made it happen.

Christiane H
Dicembre 30, 2023

Wish I had been given a more knowledgeable Guide

Oh dear, where do I start? I had saved hard to afford this trip and right up to my arrival in Asmara everything went reasonably well. When I arrived at the airport I was kept waiting by my tour guide Robel for three hours. It turned out he had collected someone else instead. Having travelled up from the equator I was frozen to the bone by the time I finally got to my hotel. At no time did Robel explain anything about Eritrea except perhaps that the Canadians and that the Chinese were exploiting the mines in Eritrea and that the Canadians were driving yellow trucks and the Chinese red ones. I fact checked this a day later and it turned out that the Canadians had long left the mines for the Chinese to exploit. Robel spent one of my days with him on the phone from 7 in the morning until 6 in the evening. None of the calls made were on my behalf by the way. For the city tour of Asmara he tried to palm me off to a teenager who by his own admission had never once guided anyone before and When Robel eventually guided me he spent his time running after potential guests he spotted in any of the locations. I felt less guided than dragged along. He also never bothered to learn my name but would introduce me as Katarina from the us…. I am super disappointed and won’t be recommending this tour company to anyone

Reda R
Dicembre 2, 2023

Good Service!

Adulis were very professional ! Visa was cleared on time and the tour went perfectly and ERITREA is amazing place to visit. especially Massawa

Novembre 19, 2023

A professional, honest, and accommodating company

I couldn't be more pleased with Adulis Travel and its team of Jonathan, Robé, and especially Yafu. Jonathan worked very hard to fulfill all my sometimes not uncomplicated itinerary requests while staying within my budget. He was very responsive to my detailed emails. Robé upgraded my Asmara hotel without my asking only because he (correctly) thought it was better located and provided more comfort. He also inconvenienced himself for both my airport pick-up and drop-off. Yafu was always there for me with good conversation, safe driving and to provide experiences far better than I'd expected, not to mention a warm jacket. Adulis didn't oversell its services or promise anything that it didn't fulfill. I am completely satisfied with its personalized service and would highly recommend Adulis to other travelers

Novembre 10, 2023

Explore Eritrea 3 Major Cities

I'd always been fascinated with this country and wanted to go; however, had always been turned off by the seemingly complicated visa process and could never find a tour that suited my dates. Fortunately, I was suggested Adulis Travel by some previously satisfied customers. I signed up for the 4 days / 3 nights Explore Eritrea 3 Major Cities tour. I messaged Yonatan and voila -in just a couple of weeks he sent a letter of invitation that allowed me to pick up a visa on arrival. The tour was short but sweet. The guide Romel took me all around Asmara the first day, we then drove all of the way to Massawa the next, and to the Keren camel market on the third. Everything went smoothly and it was for a much more reasonable price than quoted elsewhere. Highly recommended local agency in Eritrea!

Adel Z
Ottobre 3, 2023

Terrific local tour company to visit Eritrea

I had a terrific week in Eritrea visiting the key areas open for visitors. I had terrific local guides who helped me see the local scene, meet with locals and attend special events like local weddings and Religon celebrations. The trip would also not been possible without them getting me the Visa on arrival. I had booked a similar tour last year and had to cancel due to issues in Visa processing. Adulis Travel was also flexible as I wanted to dive the Red Sea and they did arrange that. As you travel the country it was good to see the local guides meeting all kinds of personal friend.

Jenn H
Agosto 23, 2023

Great tour and great services which made my dream come true

I had a great tour with Adulis travel. The services they provided were great.
They are very responsive. Tour was very interests. Last year I did not know them. I spent time waited for visa but waiting time was too much.
Adulis travel this year help for my arriving visa which was so convenient for my visit!

Haotian Z
Luglio 19, 2023

Amazing Experience

A great tour with Adulis Travel - the tour guides are super helpful and friendly, will definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to travel to Eritrea!

Giugno 20, 2023

VOA caused a lot of stress and overpriced flights.

It was a very long and painful process to get the VOA, being told many times my visa had been issued only to find out it was issued the day before I was due to travel meaning flights were then extortionate. Once in Eritrea, the staff were friendly and knowledgeable. We had Sami (a youngster) and Robel (experienced) who were both lovely, but Romel was on the phone a lot sorting out other travellers. So he seemed to be running things in country. Overall Eritrea was beautiful and we had a great time but three days was enough for us.

Giugno 12, 2023

4 days trip - June 2023

I had a wonderful experience with them. Lovely people who love their job. Thank you guys. Hugs from Italy. Tommi

Maggio 31, 2023

Eritrea: a hidden destination

Adulis Travel facilitated an outstanding experience during my recent trip in Eritrea. The local guide Robel managed his tasks efficiently and with a customer-oriented attitude. If you are considering to visit Eritrea, you will be in good hands with this tour operator.

Antje L
Aprile 10, 2023

A glance of Eritrea

We did 5 nights in Eritrea.
Asmara - Massawa - Keren
All three different. Perfect combination for our short trip.

Adulis Travel was the best choice for us.
Great service and response time at all times.

Our guide was excellent and prudent.
I felt very comfortable throughout my stay and enjoyed my time a lot.
(Despite some mosquitos in my room in Massawa & Keren - bring repellent!)

The team is doing an excellent job and assisted in all matters.
Crystal Hotel in Asmara was perfect for us. Central location and great, helpful, very friendly staff.

The country has so much more potential, very sad to see all this damage in so many things. Lovely and relaxed people.

Thank you so much ADULIS team for my great experience

Antje from Germany

Eugene K
Aprile 3, 2023

Great time in Eritrea!! Excellent tour

Travelled on tour with ADULIS Travel for 6 days, excellent service from taking our booking to touring Eritrea has been excellent. Yonatan quick to respond to email queries, set itinerary and tour price and Yadiah our guide/driver was great, supported by Robel who is always around to check on us and make sure the tour runs smoothly, from transport to hotels to restaurants. Highly recommend ADULIS Travel to everyone who wants to come to Eritrea. Had a great time. Thanks guys!!!

Marzo 21, 2023

Tanks for a great trip!

Fascinating tour with our guide Yaffit around Asmara, Masawa and Keren. Perefect amount of time in each place and great insights into the history of Eritrea.

Personal highlight of mine was the Tank graveyard!!

Thanks for a great trip

Marzo 17, 2023

Reliable Travel Agency

Robel is a very knowledgeable and friendly guide. Agency will help process the visa on arrival authorisation. Eritrea is beautiful and people are friendly, warm and hospitable.

Beth H
Febbraio 16, 2023


I would love for them to promote their indigenous history rather than colonial. They have much history and the focus is on colonialism

Febbraio 7, 2023

Great 4 days trip to Eriteria

Great trip everything was arranged from airport pick-up to departure, i stayed for 3 nights and 4 days
Special thanks to Yafit and Robil for making this trip even better

Novembre 22, 2019

Great bespoke tour

I arranged a seven day private tour through Adulis travel in November 2019. They were responsive and offered a good itinerary with feedback about several options. I was provided with a driver, guide and a 4WD. Robel and Berhe were friendly, punctual, reliable and well-informed. They changed my itinerary to accommodate any whims that I had and ensured that key objectives were met. I thoroughly recommend the company.

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