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Discover Eritrea Tours and Vacation Packages 2022/23

Eritrea Is a Small country in the Horn of Africa, bordering Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti along with the Red Sea.

Eritrea tours vacation packages. It’s an exceptional destination for a visit with desert sea and beaches, significant cities, old architectural beauty, scenic scenery & most notably for its people that smile all the manner.

Among all the destinations visited by tourists, Eritrea tours always manage to retain the attention of many people. It is probably because of the country’s captivating natural beauty and cultural heritage. It has to offer something that makes visitors get drawn into it like a magnet. An Eritrean tour combines fantastic scenery and intriguing history that leaves you craving more.

One of the most popular destinations for Eritrea Tours Vacation is the capital city of Asmara, which is also commonly referred to as the Eritrea capital. The city is home to numerous historical buildings and landmarks and is the former capital of the Eritrea empire. Some of the most notable structures from this era include the Al-Sahaba: The first Mosque in Africa and Cinema Roma. These structures, plus many others like the ancient Adulis, Zula, Qohaito, etc., will make your Eritrean travels memorable.

Eritrea Tours Vacation

Tour organizers who opt for Eritrea tours in Eritrea will definitely love visiting the capital city of Asmara and its art deco.

Tourists from around the world come to this part of the world to witness firsthand the beautiful landscapes of Eritrea. During Eritrea trips, some places worth visiting are Tank war cemetery, City Centre, Fiat Tagliero, Dahlak Islands, and Monday camel Market in Keren. In addition, there is a popular mountain trek called the Mount Elgon trek that takes around two days. All these things will make your Eritrean tours worthwhile.

Eritrea tour also takes travelers to the smaller villages and surrounding areas in order to witness the culture and traditions of this small African nation. Some popular destinations included in this journey are The Asmara railway station, The port of Adulis, the Eritrea State Museum, and the Eritrea capital city of Eritrea. The country’s eastern coast offers travelers the chance to enjoy the sights and sounds of golden sands, friendly locals, and the warmth of the sun. At Dahlak islands, tourists can go snorkeling or scuba diving.

Is it safe to Visit Eritrea?

Yes, Eritrea is currently among the safest states in Africa. You are able to be walking in the middle of Asmara at 2 or 3 am, with a lot of people going outside different pubs, and nobody else bothered you.

Everyone says the offense in Eritrea is pretty infrequent and never heard about any foreigner happening differently. For some reason, Eritrea is not like other African nations.

What's Eritrea most commonly famous for?

Called “Little Rome” from the 1930s for the important Italian people, ” the Eritrean funding, Asmara, boasts undoubtedly the largest Focus of modernist portions from the nation, approximately 400.

Travel insurance for Eritrea

No matter wherever you travel, remember that you perpetually have valid travel insurance, especially in the event that you’re just traveling to countries like Eritrea, that something might happen.

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When planning your Eritrea tour, you need to make sure you get a reliable and professional tour operator who will be able to offer you good deals for your tour. It is best to go with an experienced operator to ensure your safety and enjoyment of all the things to do.

Many travel agents provide customized tours to all the most important destinations across the country. Some of these travel agents are members of the Better Business Bureau and other similar organizations, so that you can be sure of their excellent service and customer support.

Another reason it is better to select an expert agent when planning your trip to Eritrea is that there are many restrictions when booking through third-party agents. For example, the travel agent cannot give you information about what guides are allowed to talk to foreign nationals in the country. Furthermore, the guide’s duties will not be included in the itinerary, making it difficult to double-check what you are expected to do and where you should go.

things to do in eritrea

Must-visit places in Eritrea are AsmaraMisawa, Keren, and Dahlak Islands.

Over the past few years, the staff at Adulis Travel have witnessed an explosion of interest in one of the nations we’ve held close to our hearts for quite some time, Eritrea. Indeed, more and better people are putting this tiny overlooked country on their bucket lists. Eritrea is not the most straightforward destination to visit. However, the Adulis Travel team has figured out the solution and, through our strategy, helped visa applicants and streamlined the process to obtain the visa you need for Eritrea. Travel to Eritrea offers opportunities to experience experiences you can’t share elsewhere. Here are just a few of the activities in the Eritrea Tours Vacation Packages.

Visiting Asmara

Anyone who wants to travel to Eritrea must travel to Asmara, so, typically, all our Eritrea tours include a trip to the capital city, Asmara, as part of the itinerary. Asmara is a true time capsule thanks to its Art-Deco structures that have remained in the same condition that they were in during the Italian colonial times. The city’s bustling streets and visiting its churches, the recycling market, and museums will surely be interesting! There’s not much information online to help you plan your trip but don’t be expecting to find a way to book your accommodations through!

The Best of Eritrea Tours

In Asmara, travellers must make sure that they take a stroll along Harnett street at night. Eritreans love to party, and the roads get active in the evenings when cafes are filled with people, bars selling ice-cold Asmara beers, and parents taking their children for classic Italian gelato. Asmara is an area that can be explored on foot; however, a vehicle will enable you to see more incredible things in a lesser amount of time. Eritrea Trip can arrange excellent guides or drivers to take you on an excursion around the capital city. Discover more about this fantastic city with our comprehensive guide to Asmara.

Visiting the Dahlak Archipelago

It is believed that the Dahlak Archipelago, sometimes spelt Dahlak, situated in the Red Sea, is a trip of its own. The numerous islands with 126 islands will keep you busy for days while you cruise through breathtaking scenery. You can also drop anchors on the mysterious islands, where ruins of past civilizations may be discovered. The journey around islands in the Dahlak Archipelago will take some time. You’ll be able to visit two islands in a single day, but you’ll need three days to stay on islands to explore the majority of islands. Chartering a boat is expensive. However, it can be affordable if you share the cost with other travellers.

Riding back in time on Eritrea heritage trains

It’s a truly unique experience since steam trains like the ones of the past are not available elsewhere. The train used to connect Asmara to Massawa; however, as the years passed, no funds were put into its reconstruction. It was only used to Nefasit and is now only going to Arbaroba because the railway is declining.

Visit religion or historical places.

Eritrea has a lot to provide for those interested in religion or history. Eritrea is vibrant with its faith-based traditions, a country with very robust Muslim catholic, orthodox, and orthodox traditions. There are still highly vibrant festivals, such as the Mariam Dearit festival (which we go to during our Independence Day tour).
It is also possible to arrange tours to one of the extraordinary monasteries in Eritrea, like Tsaeda Emba Selassie Monastery. Tsaeda Emba Selassie Monastery is located on top of a hill.

If you’re looking for ruin, it’s difficult not to surpass Qohaito and Senafe, located in the southern part of Eritrea. Much like the sensation you experience when you visit Timgad, Algeria, there remains a lot to discover about the remains of Qohaito. Just 20percent of the remains of the old African culture have yet to be found. Eritrea Trip will provide knowledgeable guides that will bring the ruins alive when you visit.

Eritrea tour package

Day 1 – Arrival in Asmara

Arrival in Asmara Meet your English-speaking guide and transfer you to the hotel. After lunch, the four-day tour will begin in Asmara. Asmara’s city tour takes you to the most thrilling and exciting places. Asmara is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 2 – Asmara city Tour

After breakfast, we begin our tour of Asmara.

Asmara has been awash with styles of the 20th century and is influenced by Italian aesthetics, and it has become one of the Modernist cities in Africa by excellence. It’s a sort of white paper on which the Italian architects could envision the romantic city during Italy’s fascist period and free of the restrictions of their home country.

In the afternoon, leave the capital and travel to Keren. Overnight Sarina hotel Or Similar, in Keren

Day 3 – Keren – Massawa

The day begins with a visit to the lively Keren market, held every Monday. Keren is well-known for the tense battles in 1941 between Commonwealth and the Italian army 1941. The defeat of Keren to the forces of the Common Wealth advanced army signalled the ending of the Italian occupation of Eritrea.

Visitors can visit the Italian, and the common Wealth graveyards, famous for the Mariam Dearit temple carved out from the Baobab tree.

After lunch, we depart Keren and head towards the direction of the Red Sea coast and the port city of Massawa, which is the jewel in the Red Sea.

Day 4 – Massawa – Asmara

Begin early in the early morning. A boat ride to the green island is among the islands that are most accessible via Massawa, including the beach and mangrove swamp. At the end of the afternoon, you can take a drive uphill and enjoy the stunning scenery, and lush greenery to Asmara if time permits and make stops at one of the more thrilling locations.

Transfer to the airport for departure. End of Tour!!!

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